Are you keen to learn more about the Bible and put your faith into practice?

The Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology is an accessible way to both start and continue developing your ministry skills and knowledge while going deeper in your personal discipleship journey with Jesus.

This formation practicum is offered face to face an afternoon and an evening over one year, or an evening or afternoon only over two years. A fortnightly mentoring meeting allows you the space to integrate your learnings into your life and ministry context.

There are no major essays or exams, with participants being given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and skills in relation to their real life and ministry context.

Are you someone God is stirring up in the desire to be equipped to serve in your local church or further afield? We are here to help with this engaging and practical training.

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Hear from others in the course

Discover the true value of Spiritual Formation courses from the experiences of the participants who have not only enrolled but also thrived within their local Church community. Their stories are a testament to the benefits of investing your time in these courses, which include strengthened connections and a deeper understanding of Christian principles.

Partnering with Albany Baptist Church

Albany Baptist Church has over 50 graduates, most of whom are now volunteering in a leadership capacity in ministry.

What Does the Course Look Like?

Six hours of classes a week over one afternoon and one evening (3 hours part-time).

Participants meet with a mentor for one hour per fortnight (negotiable).

Participants will need to set time aside for class reading and assignments.

Students are expected to volunteer time to apply what they are taught within their context on a weekly or fortnightly basis. (ministries such as youth, children, outreach or bible study)


Many people have yet to experience an intentional and systematic approach to spiritual formation with a mentor.

This course provides participants with a supportive environment to deepen their faith and enhance their ability to inspire others.

Moreover, participants will discover the skills and confidence to help lead among God’s people and in God’s world, fostering a transformative ripple effect within their local communities.

Join us in this enriching journey of discipleship.

An intentional and systematic discipleship programme. Resourcing and equipping you for leading and serving in your local ministry context.

Creating pathways for future opportunities with an (optional) Accredited Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology.

Part time over two years or full time over one. An afternoon and evening per week.

Mentoring and teaching from local ministry practitioners in partnership with like minded churches, RISE is integrated in the life of the local church.