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Welcome to Carey Kids, Harrisdale

Children are important at Carey and we are blessed by having lots of them attend. Our Carey Kids programs are safe environments where your kids can worship together, have fun and receive age-appropriate biblical teaching. Your children will love the programs and we would be delighted to see them join in. As parents, you are most welcome to come and check out the space and help your kids settle in.

Carey Harrisdale’s children’s ministry is formed from our wider church’s vision and mission statements:

Our Church Vision:
To be flourishing communities of hope, transformed by God’s love, following Jesus and serving in God’s world.

Our Mission
Being and making disciples of Jesus who love God, love people and serve in God’s mission to our communities and beyond. We engage with this by seeking to be a place where kids can encounter Jesus, build meaningful relationships and find opportunities to take ownership through service.

For more information regarding Carey Kids please contact David Scaife, Children and Families Pastor

We exist to develop a community where kids can learn and grow into a vibrant and personal relationship with God.

Our Core

Create a fun, safe environment
At Carey Kids we believe feeling safe and having fun are the biggest prerequisites to engagement with God’s word and his community. Our vision is that a child’s experience of church would be one that they can step into with confidence and anticipation.

Build meaningful relationships
We believe that learning about God and following Him is most effectively done with the support of peers and mentors. As we invest into our relationships with God’s kids we teach them that they are valued and they belong.  

Teach God’s word
Isaiah 55:11 promises that God’s word carries God’s purposes and will accomplish what He desires in the lives of those who hear it. Carey Kids teaches solid biblical knowledge, equipping kids to follow Jesus well at home, school and in their community.

Model Christ-like behaviour
We believe that teaching God’s word goes hand in hand with following His example. Rather than simply teaching kids “the right way to behave”, we seek to demonstrate what following Jesus looks like and empower children to make wise decisions.

Partner with families
We are passionate about the spiritual growth of families and recognise that a child’s primary carers are also their primary spiritual leaders. As such, we seek to empower parents and caregivers to teach and disciple their children well.

New to Carey?

We are looking forward to meeting you and your family.

When you arrive, head into the Carey Service through the Carey Centre doors next to Timber Cafe, and go through the auditorium and follow the green signs to find the Carey Kids building. Look for the bright green sign-in table!

One of our volunteers will assist you in signing in your child/ren to their correct age group and let you know relevant details.

  • Bubbles | 2months to 2 years
  • Puddles | 2 years to 4-year-old Pre-Kindy
  • Water Wings | Kindy to PrePrimary
  • Dive In | Year 1 to 2
  • Saturate | Year 3 to 4
  • Deep End | Year 5 to 6

The morning program runs for the full service with the doors opening from 9:15am, ready to start at 9:30am. The program finishes at 10:45am and if the main service finishes earlier you’ll have time to grab a cuppa and meet some new friends before collecting your children. This gives our team time to complete their program.

Looking to see if Carey could be your new home church? Grab a ‘Carey Kids Information Form’ from the Carey Kids sign-in desk or fill in one of our Connect Cards.

You can leave forms with one of our Carey Kids team leaders at the sign-in desk.

OXYGEN Youth Group

Oxygen runs once a term on a Friday night and is for children in years 5 and 6. Oxygen provides a fun, vibrant and safe environment in which children can connect with each other, the leaders and the bible.

We also run day camps!!

It runs from 6:45pm to 8:45pm Friday night (*unless otherwise stated) and all day Saturday for our day camps.

Current Oxygen Schedule

Please feel free to email kids@careychurch.asn.au for information about the events available for youth and young adults.

Interested in Child Dedication?

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