It is wonderful that your family has been enlarged with the addition of a child. Congratulations on this new member who has come into your lives, what a joy and a pleasure. It is natural that we want the best for our children and that includes wanting to give them a great start in life and encourage their growth in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

What is Child Dedication?
It is a public declaration by parents/caregivers that they dedicate their lives to being the primary faith influencer in the life of their child. This dedication flows from the biblical principles that:

  • children are primarily God’s and are given to parents to be cared for and stewarded;
  • appropriate stewardship includes leading children to know God’s love and be discipled in knowledge of Him;
  • the dedication of children to the Lord is an example given to us in the Bible; and
  • the church is a body of believers who love one another.

Can anyone dedicate their children at Carey?
Yes! You don’t have to attend Carey Church to dedicate your child/ren. One of our Pastors will meet with you before the service and you can discuss any questions you may have and learn more about dedication. There is no financial cost.

When and how?
At Carey, child dedications take place as part of a Sunday morning service, allowing the church congregation to stand alongside parents and commit to upholding the family with support and prayer.

The ceremony takes a few minutes for each child as we introduce the family, invite a family member to read a blessing, ask the dedication questions and pray together.

We typically run about three child dedications per year. For information about the next one, please contact the church office at

Child Dedication

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