Welcome to Carey Kids, Forrestdale

Carey Forrestdale is passionate about being a church that celebrates young people, and are dedicated to facilitate opportunities for young people to meet Jesus at each stage of their life journey.

Carey Forrestdale’s children’s ministry is formed from our wider church’s vision and mission statements:

Our Church Vision:
To be flouring communities of hope, transformed by God’s love, following Jesus and serving in God’s world.

Our Purpose
Helping our children and their families to:
KNOW the Word of God deeply and the Lord Jesus personally
GROW to become more like Jesus
GO serve  in God’s world, empowered by the Holy Spirit

For more information regarding Carey Kids please contact Reza Mendes, Next Generations Pastor.

Our Mission

Our Church Mission: Being and making disciples of Jesus who love God, love people and serve in God’s mission to our communities and beyond. Our children ministry engages with this vision and mission through focussing on Our Purpose, Our Pillars, and Our People.

Our Pillars

  1. The Bible
    Our children’s ministry is fundamentally built upon biblical truth. We believe that teaching God’s Word needs to surpass cognitive knowledge, and needs to extend into a child’s everyday living as a disciple of Jesus. At every opportunity we teach our children bible stories, demonstrating how to apply key biblical truth into to their own daily lives.
  2. Prayer
    In everything we do, we seek to do so in dialogue with God. This is done through cultivating a discipline of prayer –diligently seeking God and intentionally creating space to hear from Him in response.
  3. Worship
    Keeping God as the ultimate headship of our lives, church and ministry  we model and teach our kids what it means to express adoration and reverence toward God. We believe worship includes praise, service, and surrender. Within our children’s ministry, we express worship through creative forms such as music, prayer, art, and drama. 
  4. Having Fun
    Underpinning all we do is the understanding that learning and personal growth is most effective when kids are enjoying what they are doing. Through child-focussed and age appropriate activities, we seek to show kids that discipleship and spiritual transformation can be a lot of fun.
  5. Safety
    We believe feeling safe is an important part to healthy engagement with God’s word and God’s community. We are committed to ensuring a child’s experience of church is physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe. We carry out this commitment through adhering to a range of policies and procedures.

Our People

  1. Our Kids
    First and foremost, our children’s ministry is built to reach, serve, and disciple our kids. Investing into the spiritual growth and encouraging the discipleship journey of each of our kids is the key basis and purpose of everything we do. Remaining child-focussed, we endeavour to view every element of our ministry through the eyes of our kids with the goal that our kids experience a place of belonging, designed just for them.
  2. Our Parents
    We are passionate about partnering with families, recognising parents hold the most significant role in developing their child’s spiritual growth and wellbeing. We are dedicated to empowering, championing and equipping parents to disciple their children, and inviting them into the work we are doing in children’s ministry.
  3. Our Team
    Those who  lead our children’s ministry hold an all-important role, and we believe in honouring them through effective training, support, communication and leadership development. We believe we are called to collaborate in a team, partnering together to achieve Our Purpose. We seek to be strengths-based, celebrating the unique giftings each of our team members bring, and providing opportunity for them to flourish in the significant role they hold as the leaders of our children’s ministry.

New to Carey?

Carey Kids are running on Sunday mornings, intentionally formed to disciple young people in our community. There is also a Parents Zone for you and your little one should you need a quiet space during the service.

Carey Forrestdale also host a Friday night program for our Youth.

Looking to see if Carey could be your new home church? Grab a ‘Parent Information Brochure’ from the Carey Kids sign-in desk or fill in one of our connect cards.

You can leave forms with one of our Carey Kids team leaders at the sign-in desk.

When you arrive on Sunday morning

When you first arrive to our service, one of our team members will be standing at a Carey Kids Sign In Station, ready to help register your child into their Carey Kids zone.

Carey Kids join us for the first segment of our worship service and will be invited to their zone partway through the service. If your Carey Kid is in Orange or Yellow, we will need a parent to accompany them to their zone for a direct handover with our team. If your Carey Kid is in Green or Blue, a direct handover isn’t required, however, it is still our recommendation that parents accompany their children to their zone to ensure they arrive to us safely.

  • Red Zone | Parents’ Room
  • Orange Zone | Ages 10mnths – 2years
  • Yellow Zone | Ages 3 – 5 years
  • Green Zone | Ages 5 – 7 years
  • Blue Zone | Ages 8 – 11 years

There will be plenty of signage indicating where to take your Carey Kid, however, if you are unsure, you are welcome to return to the Sign In Station where our team can help you navigate where to go.

Interested in Child Dedication?

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