Carey at Night News

With a heavy heart, we are closing our evening service, Carey at Night.

We are doing so because, as we look ahead, we do not currently have the resources required to make the evening service flourish. Instead, we will focus the energy and resources we have as a church staff team on caring for and serving our community through one service, as well as the many other ministries that occur during the week. This is a disappointing place to be, particularly recognising the importance of youth and young adults as part of the community of Carey. However, the decision also creates space for us to re-examine how we serve our youth and young adults across the church.

We are so grateful to Jett and Emily Harris for the enormous amount of time, passion and love they have poured into this service and its community over the years. We will thank them together during services on May 1.

The last Carey at Night Service will be on 1 May. It will be a worship and celebration service and we would love for you to attend.

We recognise you may have questions about this decision and what happens going forward, so please feel free to connect with our Senior Pastor, Peter Scott, or Jett, or send a question to the church team at

This page will be available until 30 July 2022 and is designed to help the Carey at Night congregation stay connected as we explore life after Carey at Night. Below are details of our Carey Church services and events that members of our congregation are hosting to help during this season.

Harrisdale Morning Services

Harrisdale Campus
Time: 9:30 am
Location: 51 Wright Road, Harrisdale, WA, 6112
You’ll find the entrance to the church through the Carey Centre Foyer, next to Timber Cafe. Look out for the Carey Church signs. More information found here.

Harrisdale Sunday LIVE!
Livestream starts on Sunday at 9:15am.
You can find the stream on Youtube and Facebook.

If you missed the Livestream you can find the service on Youtube. If you’d like to watch or listen to a previous message, head on over to our Podcasts and Recorded Services page!

Forrestdale Morning Services

Forrestdale Campus
Time: 10:00 am
Location: 540 Nicholson Rd, Forrestdale WA 6112
The church meets in Forrestdale’s Community Hub. Follow the signs from the carpark.
For more information visit our Sunday Rythm page.

Forrestdale Sunday LIVE!
Livestream starts on Sunday at 9:45am.
You can find the stream on Youtube.

Soul Care Project

15 May –  29 June 2022

During Term 2, we will be embarking on a project called ‘Soul Care’. Soul Care is a book/video/conference series produced by Dr Rob Reimer and it is billed as providing “Transformational Principles for a Healthy Soul”. It contains a significant amount of practical, theologically sound advice and examples for those who want to deepen their journey as disciples of Jesus.

For more information and to order a copy of the resource book, visit Soul Care Project.

Time to Gather!

We are working on some plans to help the Carey at Night congregation stay connected as we explore life after Carey at Night.

More to come!